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 Jelo's Game Master Application.

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Jelo's Game Master Application. Empty
PostSubject: Jelo's Game Master Application.   Jelo's Game Master Application. Icon_minitimeFri Feb 25, 2011 4:54 pm

Jelo If you can ever register my account haha.

I am currently 17 years of age.


Why I am actually applying? Well actually that is a hard question. I guess I will answer though, Well, I am applying because, I actually think being a Game Master is actually fun to be. But also I know it is supposed to be serious. I am actually applying to have fun and meet new people and find new friends along the road you know? Its not all about how much damage you can do but how you can help people as a Game Master it's about help mostly not just playing and spawning ton's and ton's of monsters. It is about helping the consumer/player its service. The reward for me out of this is friendships and well fun! It is a game 0.0. Lastly why I am applying is well actually at the bottom of my agenda but it is to help the server helping is good I think, I am not a heartless person so, I guess the last reason why I am applying is to help LimeStory Very Happy. I think that LimeStory can fly higher than it is right now and, alot of more people can join to play to. Well, this topic has gone on pretty long so, if there is anymore questions on this topic please message me at ThankYou

Why we need to choose you?:
You do not exactly have to choose me. I believe this should be more of a like question. You may like to choose me because I have great people skill. I am very active and, a Forum whore. Also I get along with others so you can put me in any position on a server and, I can adapt easily to the task you give me. Another thing is I know the maplestory commands i know the ! and / commands so I do not need practice on it. I believe I have good thought processes. Also I know how to act around different people I 90% of the time act calm and collective around others. I would never blame anyone for a rumor. I will never tease someone. But! I am not a cold less un joyful brute I also like to have fun Very Happy Don't worry lol I can have fun!. If you would like me to explain more about this topic please do no hesitate to ask. Meassage me at

I actually have a life.... Lol I spend most of my hours B-Boying For which of you do not know what that is it is actually breakdancing Smile. I love to play maplestory private servers. I am done with maplestory global as i have reached level 200 already. If you are wonering who my character is I have two characters ShokoShoten and LoOpEdd. Also I am out of highschool and I am going to be going to UCLA in 2012 Very Happy. I do not go to school anymore as I have more than enough credits. Lastly I have a wide collections of shoes they are all nikes just to tell you.

Play time:
I will probably play 2-5 hours a day depending on if i am busy or if something comes up.

Other INFO:
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Jelo's Game Master Application.
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