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 xDefaultZai GM App (:

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PostSubject: xDefaultZai GM App (:   xDefaultZai GM App (: Icon_minitimeTue Mar 15, 2011 3:21 am

In-Game Name: xDefaultZai (not created yet)




How long have you played the server: 15/3

Experience:MapleFox, rainbowms

Proof:I think i only left some proof when i was HeadGM at maplefox btw it closed. But i only show the gm login detail as my proof and my ign at that server is Wing

xDefaultZai GM App (: 5

Why you should be chosen?:I should be a GM because when i am a gm i do the following things, Find hackers, Lots of events, and help new people in the game if they need or any one in the game if they need help.

Contact Information:Msn -

How active will you be?: more than 6hours per day , depends wether im busy anot.

What could you contribute to the server?: I am capable of many things whether it be in real life or in LightningMS. Although not all of these things are relevant to becoming a gm i am capable of many things that are. One of those things is that I am able to help any of the LightningMS players with any problems that they may have. Another thing that I am capable of is hosting many of the unique events that LightningMS has to offer. I will absolutely help thin down the population of LightningMS's hackers. They need to be stopped and I will try very hard to help rid LightningMS of its hackers. I've started to think of some ideas to help improve LightningMS in any way possible and I would be able to make the ideas that i think of actually happen and hopefully see them in LightningMS. I want to kick off the hackers from this server and I love to be a GM.I want to help make a big community and achieve saying "I helped make that community and I was apart of it." Get a good reputation be known to maplestory private servers!.

What events could you host? Hide and seek, JQ and others. ( I dont know what the event called.. maybe u will know it if i'm showing how the event works. )

What would you do if you saw a hacker?:I don't know for sure on this server, because all servers are different. But on servers i have played it would either be the two: 1. You ban them on sight. 2. You warn them, screenie them, jail them, and the owner or admin deals with them.

Why did you write this application?: Applying for GM and ready to handle a responsibilities as a GM.
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xDefaultZai GM App (:
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